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Full Deck Solitaire now available for Kindle Devices!

blogEntryTopperFull Deck Solitaire is now available on your Kindle devices. You can grab it from here!

Thank you!

blogEntryTopperYou seem to like the new version of Full Deck Solitaire a lot. Thank you all for your continued support!

Full Deck Solitaire for Android Now on Google Play!

blogEntryTopperFor as long as Full Deck Solitaire has been available we’ve been asked about a version for Android. GRL Games is very proud to announce the launch of Full Deck Solitaire for Android on Google Play! Full Deck Solitaire for Android contains all 41 of the Solitaire games we’re famous for on the Mac and iOS and has a few exclusive features not available yet anywhere else! You can download it for free here!

Rocket Patrol is OUT!!!!

blogEntryTopper Rocket Patrol is OUT!! DOWNLOAD HERE! FREE!

SXSW Approaches!

What can these cards possibly have in common? Find out soon when GRL Games gets to SXSW! Follow @zaphodgjd on Twitter for news of the new game announcement!